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The Universe has a comical way of bringing things to fruition. We may call this "Divine Timing" or possibly even God’s sense of humor. Whether you believe in God as “The Man in the Sky”, or believe in Divine Mother or Mother Earth, maybe there is no god at all, and we are all just energy. In this space, all your answers are correct, and there is no judgment passed here.

Going Within happened by “accident”, but there are no such things as accidents. From early adolescence, I sensed something was different. I sensed I was different. I felt that I never really fit in yet had an odd way of standing out. Having a tumultuous childhood, I was drawn to psychology, especially intrigued by both Carl Jung and Carl Rogers. These studies related to the psyche and the development of the ideal self eventually offered me answers.

Fast forward… life happened.

Approximately, 4 years ago, right before the start of COVID, my child’s grandfather passed. As we congregated in his house, a day before his passing, HOSPICE was there. My child, who was about 21 at the time, held an amazing space for their grandfather in those final moments of physical life. The space that they held did not go unnoticed, the HOSPICE worker commented to them that they should consider HOSPICE as a career. This statement planted the seed for a conversation in the car about this on the drive home. I was hugely excited about the possibility of my child doing death work. Their response, “If you think it’s so great, you do it!”

From the mouths of babes sparks great wisdom. So, I started a nursing program so that I could do HOSPICE. I forgot how much I hated blood, vomit, or any other bodily fluids. I did not forget my heart, the compassion that it held, or my mind, and the accumulation of knowledge which was going unused. The decision was made to become a life coach who focused on death work, non-attachment, and learning to fully live life in a way that death is never feared.

Going Within was birthed from the snide comment of an individual who is wise beyond their years.

The who behind the why....


I Am… DeNean Hardman. An intuitive energy healer who has a back story that may be like yours or possibly in complete contradiction. From an early age, I knew that I was different, but I could never understand why. I was an entitled child, who demanded my father’s attention. And then when I was 19 years old, he passed away, and my world was rocked.

As a self-proclaimed Daddy’s Girl, I used to call him every afternoon before he left work. The rantings of a nagging teenage girl, wanting to know what he was doing, why he was doing it, who he was doing it with, and when he would be home. In our very last earthly conversation, I called him late. My nag that day was about why he was still at work when he was supposed to be on his way home. He told me that he was waiting for my call and then he died about 15 minutes later in the parking lot. In my dreams, we would still have these phone calls, but he never answered, until the day that he did.

We started having regular phone calls, and then regular kitchen visits. Every call and visit ended with “You do know I’m dead, right?” I would mourn him all over again. Until that one day, I started our visit with, “I know that you’re dead, let’s get that out of the way.”

The game changed after that conversation. I have learned to call him, ask pointed questions, and receive guidance. Our relationship, despite his physical absence, has brought us closer while expanding my universal knowledge. Having guidance behind the veil is more than I could have ever learned in books.

Yet, I still read them. Before answering my call to become a coach, I worked in the human service field. Holding dual master’s degrees in human services and business, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in criminal justice. I am trained in substance abuse counseling, forensic interviewing, and trauma-informed care. I am now continuing my studies in a PhD program in Mind-Body Medicine, completing certification in Integrative Wellness Coaching, and currently completing certification in Contemplative End-of-Life (certifications and certificates may be found below).

I follow Buddhist principles, advocate the benefits of plant medicine (eating mushrooms, hugging trees, and playing in the dirt), and strongly believe that the only answer is love.


... and I also kiss llamas!


Going Within's purpose is solely based on the journey of walking each other home. As stated by Ram Dass, “We are all just walking each other home,” which is based on the philosophy of karma yoga. Karma yoga is believed to be the path to spiritual liberation which takes place through work and acts of service. Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita, described this path as a purification of mind, living a life of one’s dharma, and the spiritual practice of “selfless action performed for the benefit of others.”

The purpose of Going Within is to show up for others, honoring their sacred space, and their sacred journey, and being a companion on this journey of life. Your voice is heard here, your words are honored, and your time is valued.


Going Within's mission is to educate, integrate, and inspire like-minded individuals who have the desire to raise the collective consciousness of the universe.

Certificates & Certifications

This area will be forever changing and forever expanding. Based on Buddhist philosophy, there are three types of knowledge:  suta-maya-panna (knowledge-by hearing), cint-maya-panna (knowledge-by-thinking), and bhavana-maya-panna (knowledge-by-mental-cultivation). If we breathe, we learn.

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